The Losing Side


Four victims of the barbaric practice of forced conversions recount their traumatic experiences and community activists explore the discourse around the phenomenon, as well as the hardships of the journey to justice.

Short Synopsis:

In rural Sindh, at least four million people belong to Hindu religion which is broadly accepted as a religious minority community. Due to historic rural-urban imbalance, religious discrimination and lack of streamlining into society, they are amongst the most marginalized communities in Pakistan. The women of this community are at particular risk of being kidnapped by the men of Islamic faith to be taken forcefully as wives and are “converted” to become Muslims.

The Losing Side documents the accounts of Vahitoo, Simran, Keeran and Reena, four such women who have been victims of forced conversion and forced marriage. Alongside, various activists, politicians and legal experts involved in these stories further the conversation as to why such a barbaric practice continues to occur regularly. The documentary sheds light on all the legal, social and religious aspects of this.


Director & Producer        

Jawad Sharif

Released year


The Losing Side - Feature Documentary Film

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