Director Jawad Sharif's Statement on his film - The Losing Side

The issue of forced conversion of women in Sindh is limited to discourse only. These women are often at risk of being dehumanized by the very people who seem to be advocating for them. When talking about the political and social aspects of this issue, the fact that these women are human beings is often overlooked because they do not have any platform to share their personal experiences of what they went through. While some prefer to remain silent, others are courageous enough to come forward and speak up, as it is worth it even if a single woman can be saved from a similar experience in the future. In both cases, their choice needs to be respected and given the space, time and resources to be followed through on.
It was necessary for us to see this. For us to see that one of the most marginalized and vulnerable communities in our country is at the risk of having their control over their lives snatched away by anyone who chooses to do so. Their perpetrators are not only given protection but are also celebrated for such acts.
No one is free until we all are. I hope that this documentary opens our eyes to push for structural and immediate reforms, and brings to light the plight of the communities who have been neglected.

Watch: Director Jawad Sharif's Statement on The Losing Side

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