Indus Blues: Awards & Mentions

Known for its creative documentary films around the world, Jawad Sharif Films has produced & directed innovative non-fiction films on the most unique and unexplored subjects. Ranging from the porters of the Karakoram and Himalayas to the first major female mountaineer in Pakistan and from climate change to the plight of folk and indigenous musicians, Jawad Sharif Films has stayed true to its mission of highlighting social causes that needed greater public attention worldwide.

It’s an honour just to be nominated, but winning is way cooler. These award– winning films belongs to us.

We are very proud of our awards and achievements so far…

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Official Selection
Winner Grand Jury Prize for Crystal Award 2018
Guam International Film Festival 2018
Winner Best Documentary Feature Award
Jaipur International Film Festival 2019
Official Selection
Winner Gold Award
South Film and Arts Academy Festival 2018
Best Documentary Feature
K2 and the Invisible Footmen: Awards & Mentions

PAKISTAN / LAHORE, Audience Award, Pakistan International Mountain Film Festival, 2015

SPAIN / TORELLÓ, BARCELONA, Jury Prize, BBVA Mountain Film Festival, 2015

BRAZIL / RIO DE JANIERO, Best Film, Rio Mountain Festival, 2015

ITALY / SALENTO, Best Documentary, Salento International Film Festival, 2015

INDIA / JAIPUR, Best Cinematography Award and Best Sound and Editing Award, Jaipur International Film Festival, 2016

POLAND / KRAKOW, Second Place, International Film Competition, Krakow Mountain Festival, 2015

KASHMIR / SRINAGAR, Prof. Hamid Award of Excellence, Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department/Jammu and Kashmir Mountaineering and Hiking, 2015

BANGLADESH / DHAKA, Best Documentary, Women Filmmaker Section, Dhaka International Film Festival, 2016

SLOVENIA / LJUBLJANA, Slovenian National Television Award for Best Film, Festival Gorniškega Filma, 2016

INDIA / JAIPUR, Best Cinematography Award and Best Sound and Editing Award, Jaipur International Film Festival, 2016

ITALY / CONDOVE, Best Film, Alps Competition, Valsusa Film Festival, 2016

BOLIVIA / SUCRE, Best International Mid-Length Film and Audience Award, Pukañawi Festival Internacional de Cine de los Derechos Humanos, 2016

ARGENTINA / USHUAIA, Best Full-Length Film, Festival Internacional de Cine de Montaña Ushuaia Shh, 2016

POLAND / LADEK, Best Film on Man and Mountain, Ladek Mountain Film Festival, 2016 

ITALY / MILAN, Italian Touring Club Prize, Milano Mountain Film Festival, 2016

UNITED KINGDOM / LONDON, Best Film Award – Development, We the Peoples Film Festival, 2016

CZECH REPUBLIC, First Place, Climbing and Mountaineering Film, International Festival of Outdoor Films, 2017

PAKISTAN / KARACHI, Best International Film, Pakistan Calling Film Festival, 2016

SPAIN / ISABA, Best Mountain Film, Ukerdi Mountain Film Festival, 2016

CHILE / VALPARAISO, Best Feature Length Documentary, Festival Internacional de Cine del Cono Sur, 2016


ROMANIA / CLUJ-NAPOCA, Second Place, Sound Designer of the Month, April Edition, 12 Months Film Festival, 2017

ITALY / SAN VITO, Audience Award, SiciliAmbiente Documentary Film Festival, 2017 

MEXICO / ROSARITO, Best Documentary, Logcinema Rosarito International Film Festival, 2017

IVORY COAST / ABIDJAN, Special Participation Prize, Bushman Film Festival, 2017

SLOVAKIA / POPRAD, Official Selection, International Festival of Mountain Films, 2015

UNITED STATES / BUFFALO, NEW YORK, Official Selection, Buffalo International Film Festival, 2015

CAMBODIA / PHNOM PENH, Official Selection, Phnom Penh International Film Festival, 2015

SPAIN / BILBAO, Official Selection, Bilbao Mendi Film Festival, 2015

UNITED STATES / MISSOULA, MONTANA, Official Selection, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, 2016

BULGARIA / BANSKO, Official Selection, International Bansko Film Festival, 2015

UNITED KINGDOM / KENDAL, Official Selection, Kendal Mountain Film Festival, 2015

THE NETHERLANDS / HEERLEN, Official Selection, Dutch Mountain Film Festival, 2016

ITALY / TRENTO, Official Selection, Trento Film Festival, 2016

POLAND / GDANSK, Official Selection, Gdansk International Film Festival, 2016

POLAND / LADEK, Official Selection, Ladek Mountain Film Festival, 2016

UNITED KINGDOM / LLANBERIS, WALES, Selected, Climbing & Mountaineering, Llanberis Mountain Film Festival, 2016

UNITED STATES / PORTLAND, MAINE, Official Selection, Maine Outdoor Film Festival, 2016

KURDISTAN / DUHOK, Official Selection, Duhok International Film Festival, 2016

BOLIVIA / SUCRE, Official Selection, Pukañawi Festival de Cine de los Derechos Humanos, 2016

GREECE / ATHENS, Official Selection, Athens Adventure Film Festival, 2016

UNITED STATES / LOS ANGELES, CA, Best Documentary Film Award Nominee, Arpa International Film Festival, 2016

UNITED STATES / GUAM, Official Selection, Guam International Film Festival, 2016

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO / GOMA, Official Selection, Congo International Film Festival, 2017