The Losing Side


Four women decide to take the road less travelled. After being coerced into
marriage and a betrayal of faith, they decide to raise their voice against this injustice. The system fails them, but their loved ones stand by them.

Short Synopsis:

Vahitoo, Simran, Keeran, and Reena are four women in rural Sindh who are survivors of
coerced marriages against their will and faith. Their abject poverty, illiteracy, and
belonging to a marginalized community are a hurdle on the long road to justice. Law
practitioners and activists challenge the status quo to seek justice on their behalf.
The feature documentary film subtly captures the riveting landscape of rural Sindh, the dignity of the life struggles of a community living on the margins and the rare moments of solace they find in their cultural heritage.

Pujaran - OST - The Losing Side (2022)

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