Upcoming: 377-Claim your Identity

Two struggling transgender models in Pakistan dodge death in a culture of constant abuse as they promote and celebrate transgender rights.

Julie and Shanaya tell their stories as film follow their lives in a day-in-a-life narrative, in cinema verite style. From their dressing room to the wedding ceremonies where they dance to earn their livelihood, a world of perils unravels itself.

Revisiting the most fundamental aspects of the issue in film brings us to the way transgenders are perceived by the society and even the state. The insult of Section 377 is a result of that oppressive collective morality that deprives transgender persons of their individual expression and freedom. This is what the war for protecting transgenders from rape and abolishing charging it under Section 377 is all about.

The story witness how these victims turn out to be heroes and struggle for the amendment to the law but leave with a question if they would be able to change the abusive culture and morality of a society. Film leaves Julie and Shanaya to their mysterious lives in a hostile society but also celebrate the heroism they have displayed by speaking out and making their voices heard.