The trailer for Jawad Sharif’s Indus Blues will stir your soul

The trailer of Jawad Sharif’s upcoming documentary feature Indus Blues just released and what we have come across is something that will definitely stir your soul.

Pakistan is brimming with talent, raw and unappreciated. Adding more to it is the indifferent society that has left its indigenous musicians and craftsmen to rot amongst the decays of the very society they live in. Tapping all these and bringing their plight to surface is Jawad Sharif’s Indus Blues, a documentary feature, that will focus on the forgotten music of Pakistan.

Veteran folk music artists, craftsman and artisans talk about their struggle, bringing across their side of the story through Indus Blues. What happened and how their music was left to rot in the dark is what the subject matter of this feature documentary revolves around.

beautifully shot and brought across with a creative vision, the trailer of Indus Blues will move you to think, all the while giving you a glimpse of the classic folk music Pakistan is capable of producing naturally.

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Date Published:                 October 3, 2018

Article by:                           Laiba Sabeen

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