SZABIST Is Hosting A Massive Media Festival

Jawad Sharif’s Indus Blues will be screened later towards the closing, which is a film based on a journey spanning the 2,000-mile length of the Indus.

It showcases the rich musical traditions across the diverse, and colorful cultures of Pakistan.

“A film unlike any otheri , Indus blues is an exploration of the diverse musical cultures meandering around the River Indus, where over 70 spoken languages find their deep roots. However, despite the richness of the various cultures flourishing along the mighty river, their sounds have faded to the background in a world dominated by modern musical instruments.” (Zab Media Festival-Official Instagram)


Published in:                            Mangobaaz

Date Published:                       March  31, 2019

Article by:                                 Bisma Rizwan

Image Courtesy :                    (Zab Media Festival-Official Instagram)

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