Spazio Uno: the sounds of Pakistan, Tunisia and Argentina

In via del Sole in Florence, on Friday 27th September, special films will be presented as part of the 12th edition of “Images and Sounds of the World. Ethnomusical film festival .
The 12th edition of ” Images and Sounds of the World ” continues (Via del Sole, 10) on Friday 27  . Ethnomusical Film Festival ” , organized by the Multi Culti association, in collaboration with Fondazione Sistema Toscana and directed by the ethnomusicologist Leonardo D’Amico. The festival presents the best of documentary production on world cultures and music, a selection of award-winning films at international festivals that, through stories and human affairs linked to music, reveal the social situation of people from different corners of the planet.September, at the Cinema Spazio Uno in Florence

On the third day of the festival, Friday 27th , the full immersion in the music of the world starts (5.00 pm) with the screening of the documentary Indus Blues. The Forgotten Music of Pakistan , by Jawad Sharif (first Italian vision), roadmap of Pakistani musical traditions.

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Date Published:                       September  26, 2019

Article by:                                  Antonio Patruno 

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