LOST-A Story About Depression

Film Story

The film, “Lost”, journeys into Ramla Fatima’s studio, while talking about a taboo topic in Pakistan, depression. Ramla is a visual artist and sculptor, whose father was kidnapped in 2014, with no word of his whereabouts to date. She battled depression and art became her savior. Her work is chaotic, stemming from an act of violence, which comes together harmoniously onto her canvas. She talks about missing persons in Pakistan, being one of the victims of such tragedy, she feels her art can personally connect to those who have felt loss of a loved one.

Kidnappings are common occurrence in Pakistan, sometimes for ransom, others for political or religious reasons. However, it is the trauma of losing loved ones whether in kidnappings, bomb blasts or just natural causes that is not addressed. Families that are left behind, are expected to move on, Post Traumatic Depression, stress or onset of numerous other disorders are pushed under the rug, and asking for help, professionally is stigmatized.

“Lost” is an attempt at making people understand the consequences of loss, had it not been for the creative outlet that Ramla had, she might have lost her sanity to her circumstances. It is a subtle attempt at reaching out to those who have suffered similar trauma, hoping to make them feel like they are not alone in this struggle.