Indus Blues doc to release music videos

Now that the multiple-award winning documentary, Indus Blues: the forgotten music of Pakistan, directed by Jawad Sharif, has had multiple Pakistani premiere(s) at spaces like Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) Islamabad, Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS), Quetta, Karachi Literature Festival 2019 – apart from foreign success – the director is all set to make music videos from the 76-minute-long documentary.

To that end, the music video of ‘Murli’ featuring Mai Dhai and Sattar Jogi had been released approximately eight months ago. Now the director is directing another music video from the documentary. “We are working on music videos from the film,” he told Instep, “We are working on another video because now that the film has been seen in Pakistan, we want to continue making music videos and release them over time.”

A production of Bipolar Films and Foundation of Arts, Culture, and Education (FACE), the film covers in great depth folk musicians, instruments and craftsmen who are deteriorating.

Since appearing on the horizon, in addition to local success, it has seen great success abroad as well, having won, among other things, the award for Best Documentary Feature award at Mind the Indie Film Festival 2019 (MTIFF) in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and Best Documentary Feature and Best Cinematography in the Feature Documentary categories at the 11th Jaipur International Film Festival.

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Date Published:                       June  27, 2019

Article By:                                 Maheen Sabeeh

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