Film review: Indus Blues

The film Indus Blues is a magical ride down the road of our rich cultural diversity and heritage. It takes our soul to the highest points of delight and serenity, where it makes us feel the beauty of the life we hold. The village culture portrayed in the film from the northwest areas of Pakistan down to the southern areas brings back a culture on verge of being lost in the blatant modern music world.

Feeling the waves that sink into our hearts and ignite a blissful fire, folk music lights up our spirits. As you watch the flim, close your eyes and feel the rhythm of strings touching your soul, imagining yourself beside the seashore of Gawadar looking up to the sky full of stars. Close your eyes and breathe in the fresh air, the tranquility of a beautiful village of Punjab. Imagine looking into the rich desert life of a Sindhi village.

Wining the best documentary award at the Guam International Film Festival, Jawad Sharif has made Pakistan proud. He has made us realize how badly we need to hold on to the beautiful rich culture and the forgotten music of Pakistan. To remind our future generations of their true cultural identity and the beauty of folk lore we belong to, Indus Blues makes its mark beautifully.

Published in:                       Daily Times

Date Published:                  October 11, 2018

Article by:                            Sania Zeb

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