Our Services

Jawad Sharif Films is a full-service video and multimedia production company serving anywhere in the world. The unique advantage of working with us is our unrivaled approach to bringing a cinematic quality to every project we take on, whether it’s intended for a television, film, commercial, or corporate audience. We approach documentary, narrative, multimedia, and content of all kinds with the same passion and energy, for companies both large and small.

Our experienced, in-house creative development and production teams enable us to offer our clients several affordable options for them to infuse the branding of their product, portrayal of their services, or depiction of their story with a uniquely cinematic element. The following is a selection of services we provide:


Known for its creative documentary films around the world, Jawad Sharif Films has produced & directed innovative non-fiction films on the most unique and unexplored subjects. Ranging from the porters of the Karakoram and Himalayas to the first major female mountaineer in Pakistan and from climate change to the plight of folk and indigenous musicians, Jawad Sharif Films has stayed true to its mission of highlighting social causes that needed greater public attention worldwide.


Tell real stories in short documentaries keeping your audience entertained, engaged and informed.

Producing documentaries is something we do every day. We are always creating content for ourselves and for others. Let us help you tell your story! We have the full crew that can carry this forward at reasonable budgets!


The versatile production team at Jawad Sharif Films is as adept as telling stories in the live action narrative film format as it is proficient in other formats. Whether films short or feature length teleplays, it has made an impact on visually appealing and moving storytelling titles.


Jawad Sharif Films has produced modern and visually stunning commercial films and TV and digital advertisements for some of the leading corporate brands. Utilizing production equipment of the highest industry quality, our concepts for our corporate clients are impactful and relevant in the contemporary market. The production for commercial films is focused on being able to translate multifaceted ideas into a compact message for the conscious consumer.


Keeping pace with the evolving trends in the digital space, Jawad Sharif Films has also produced high quality and engaging digital video content that spoke to a broader and younger audience. With a couple of massively viral videos under its belt, the production company has embraced the challenge of digital video media with painstakingly chosen and scripts crafted to maximize engagement.


Many foreign documentary and film crews often need reliable local contacts to work with in getting productions done. Jawad Sharif Films makes its global mark in assisting networks such as the COR Network, Euro News etc. From production management, translation, research, equipment rental, transportation and accommodations, JSF provides a complete service to foreign productions coming to or needing footage sent from the Pakistan.